Apartment in Chianti for holidays
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Radda in Chianti


Apartment in Chianti for holidays

Including totally in Chianti Senese, Radda in Chianti has Etruscan origins. The first documented dating all'800 BC, but the first direct reference to the Castle of Radda is located around the first century. At the center of conflict between Florence and Siena, Radda in late 1200 was under the jurisdiction of Florence, which granted the Podestà. In 1384 became the capital of the League of Chianti, which included the territories of Castellina and Gaiole in Chianti.

With the rise of the mercantile class, is spreading in the Chianti sharecropping, which is associated the spread of isolated settlements, the "farms" that have characterized the Chianti countryside to this day.
Radda keeps the circle of its ancient walls and the medieval town structure plan elongated elliptical. At the heart of the village is the Palazzo del Podestà, built in the'400, whose facade is decorated with coats of arms, and the Church of San Niccolò.

The surroundings are to be reported to the Franciscan Convent of S. Maria in Prato which houses a museum of religious art works from the churches of Radda and Gaiole and the village of Volpaia, whose medieval castle situated on the border between Florence and Siena had to have an important defensive, if there is a unique religious building , the Church of Sant'Eufrosino, known as the "Commenda" dedicated to the bishop of Eastern origin that tradition wanted evangelizer of Chianti.

The terrain is favorable for the cultivation of vines and olive groves. Wine, especially, is the main source of income for local people, always connected with this production, famous throughout the world.


Apartment in Chianti for holidays
Apartment in Chianti for holidays



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